The summer at CPAA wouldn’t be the same without Rhys Johnson.  Rhys enriches the lives of others through his commitment to volunteering. In Spring 2014 the CPAA was contacted by Rhys, a 17-year-old, who was interested in volunteering with our Little Nemos swim program. He was living in Montreal at the time as he was competing and training in a national swim program. He is from Calgary and would come home for the summers and our volunteer program was a great fit for him. Our Volunteer Coordinator recognized his maturity and commitment from the first phone call.  He began volunteering for the us that summer and has continued ever since.

In the summer of 2016 when Rhys came home from McGill University, where he has been a student for 3 years, he made the decision to devote his summer volunteering in whichever capacity he could, such as with our Little Nemos, Healing Hands Horticulture Therapy and Art FUNdementals programs.

Rhys adapts to diversity and has never shied away from any opportunity even if it was out of his comfort zone. He arrives at the volunteer location with a smile on his face and an open heart ready to be a buddy and make a difference in the life of another person.

On behalf of the CPAA and our Calgary Volunteer Coordinator Brandice we thank Rhys for all he does!

“Volunteers are people who reach out, take a hand, and together make a difference that will last a lifetime”.