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Volunteer Spotlight: Calgary Office Reception Volunteers


Our volunteers play a key role in ensuring the CPAA runs smoothly. One of our busiest volunteer positions is running our reception desk at our Calgary office.

We’ve had a number of volunteers at our office over the years, but three have stood the test of time. Joel Clark (pictured bottom of article) has been volunteering with us for about two years, Mike Keir (pictured below) for about six years and Colleen McGann (pictured left) has been with us for over seven years!

Because of their central position in the office, our reception volunteers see our staff and clients on a regular basis, something that everyone enjoys.

“The part I like the most about the CPAA is interacting with the staff and other people that come into the office,” says Joel.


“The staff make me feel very special and seem to really appreciate me coming in,” says Colleen.

Our volunteers work very hard to make sure the day-to-day operations of the CPAA go smoothly. They answer all the incoming calls to the office general line, transferring them to the appropriate staff members or answering caller questions themselves. Our volunteers are all very knowledgeable about the organization so this never seems to be a difficult task. They also assist the operations team by putting donation bags together, and the administration team by ensuring there are enough supplies available in the reception area. Perhaps most of all, they enjoy the personal and social benefits of being in the office.


“I really like the chance to hangout with the people and the opportunity to get out of my house,” says Mike.

Currently you will see Colleen on Mondays and Thursday mornings, Joel on Wednesdays and Mike on Thursday afternoons.  If you have questions about our volunteer opportunities, please contact Brandice Thompson (Calgary) at or Mara Pawluk (Edmonton) or visit our volunteer opportunities page.

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Mya Dances without Limits Thanks to your Donations!

myaDonations help fund programs like our Dance without Limits. It combines physical therapy with the opportunity for participants to experience something new and boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Mya is one of the participants in this program, and her mom loves how Dance without Limits allows Mya to be herself and learn new things.

Mya’s mom has noticed there have been some slight physical changes since joining the program as well:

“Mya has stiff hips and tends to lock her knees when she runs. We’ve noticed that during her dance recital song, Mya is attempting to bend her knees and stomp like her friends and mentors. Though it may look like Mya is not paying attention and is off doing her own thing, she is watching what everyone is doing and absorbing everything.”

Click here to learn how you can give to the CPAA.

Click here to learn more about Dance without Limits or contact Kim Henye in Edmonton at 780-477-8030 or Email.