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Mya Dances without Limits Thanks to your Donations!

myaDonations help fund programs like our Dance without Limits. It combines physical therapy with the opportunity for participants to experience something new and boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Mya is one of the participants in this program, and her mom loves how Dance without Limits allows Mya to be herself and learn new things.

Mya’s mom has noticed there have been some slight physical changes since joining the program as well:

“Mya has stiff hips and tends to lock her knees when she runs. We’ve noticed that during her dance recital song, Mya is attempting to bend her knees and stomp like her friends and mentors. Though it may look like Mya is not paying attention and is off doing her own thing, she is watching what everyone is doing and absorbing everything.”

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Click here to learn more about Dance without Limits or contact Kim Henye in Edmonton at 780-477-8030 or Email.