Community Fundraisers

Upcoming Fundraising Events and Initiatives

Third party fundraisers and initiatives are a great way to give back to your community and support a charity like the CPAA.

Third party fundraising events or initiatives are organized by an individual, community group or company that is not an official CPAA event. Acting independently and with approval from the CPAA, third-party events are an important resource for raising funds to help us carry out our work of creating a Life Without Limits for individuals with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Thank you to Sweet Fusion for organizing an event in support of CPAA!

Sweet Fusion will be donating 50 cents from each pop sold to the CPAA from June 22 – 30.  This isn’t your ordinary pop sale – Sweet Fusion carries a lot of unique sodas including:  A&W Root Beer, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Crush, Faygo Sodas, Lester’s Fixins Sodas, Ramune Soda, Tahitian Treat, Rocket Fizz, Fanta, The Pop Shoppe & Always Ask For Avery’s Sodas.

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Sweet Fusion is located at:  2, 3919 Richmond Rd SW  Calgary, AB