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Joanne Dorn

Executive Director


Joanne has shoulder length brown hair with dark glasses

Communications & Development Department
Cindy Turnquist

Director of Development & Communications

Cindy has long blonde hair and dow not wear glasses

Beverly Reeves

Grants & Stewardship Administrator

Beverly has long light coloured hair, parted in the middle and no glasses

Leah Ison

Communications & Engagement Specialist


Leah is wearing a gray knitted hat, has shoulder length dark hair and ears glasses

Tammy Francis

Events & Development Coordinator


Finance Department
Amarlata Seth

Finance Manager



Leanne Kelly

Payroll & Finance Coordinator

Leanne has long dark hair and no glasses

Government Relations Department
Mezaun Latha-Evin

Director of Government Relations & Advocacy

Mezaun has shoulder length dark hair and no glasses. she is smiling with dark pink lipstick on

Meri Topchieva

Government Relations & Advocacy Coordinator

Meri has long red hair with short bangs and no glasses

Human Resources & Admin Departments
Danielle King

Director of Human Resources & Administration


Danielle has long blonde hair and no glasses

Derek Okoedion

Human Resources Generalist

Derek is a black man with short black curly hair he has some facial hair around his mouth

Bruno Boccaccio

Volunteer Coordinator


Kiana Royer

Receptionist & Office Administrator

(Summer Student)


Michael Flannery

Facility Manager

Mike has short siler hair and wears glasses

Operations Department
Jim McDonagh

Operations Manager

Jim has short brown hair and a full brown moustache

Beena Varghese

Community Donations Supervisor


Beena has dark skin and black hair in a ponytail. no glasses

Jojie Pagente

Transportation Supervisor

Jojie has long dark brown hair and no glasses

Programs & Support Services Department
Elizabeth Kaleta

Director of Social Inclusion & Support Services

Elizabeth has long wavy brown hair and no glasses

Carlos Gonzalez

Community Education Coordinator

Carlos has short dark hair and no glasses

Christy Bangen

Program & Community Engagement Liaison

Christy has light short hair, no glasses and is wearing dangling earrings

Darryl Janzen

Social Worker

Darryl has short light hair and wears glasses

Janis Zalitach 

Programs Coordinator


Janis has long light brown hair with blonde. she has short bangs and wears glasses

Kim Henye

Client Service Coordinator



Marco Salinas

Client & Family Counselor


Marco is wearing a black beenie hat with black glasses. he has facial hair around his mouth and chin

Tracey Spencer

Volunteer Coordinator

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