Programs & Services

The Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta (CPAA) offers programs and services that help people with disabilities to play an active role in their communities. Join the CPAA today to participate in our programs and take advantage of our services. We hope to continue to enable you to live Live without Limits!

We enrich and support the lives of children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities through our programs and services.

Become A Member

If you have an interest in making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities consider becoming a CPAA member.


The Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta (CPAA) offers programs to people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities that provide essential social interaction and healthy activities in nurturing environments.

Our vision is a life without limits for people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Calgary Meetup Group

Please note that a CMUG membership is required for all participants of the Calgary Meetup Group. Some activities require an additional cost. To participate in our Calgary Meetup Group activities, please purchase your CMUG membership.

Support Services

The Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta (CPAA) offers services that assess needs and identify the strengths in our members of all ages. We have a full time Social Worker in Calgary and Edmonton on hand to help support, enrich and enhance the lives of our clients.

Parent Support Group

These groups meet once a month to support each other through sharing, guest speakers and community resources.

Rent Our Vacation Villa

Our custom-built home in Raymond Shores Resort on Gull Lake, Alberta, is designed with all your needs in mind, available at very reasonable rates and open to everyone.


The CPAA ensures that planning committees include a disability focus.  We respond to requests for information and assist with policies, research and surveys.  We also advocate, monitor, research and identify policy, risks, threats, vulnerabilities, trends and opportunities that may affect our clients.

Funding Request

The CPAA’s Funding Request Program assists Albertans with cerebral palsy achieve a better quality of life.  The program is funded entirely through the CPAA’s own fundraising efforts and donations from generous members of our community.