Community Education & Awareness

The Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta (CPAA) can provide presentations and workshops to schools, businesses, government, and organizations throughout the province. We aim to create awareness of cerebral palsy, educate the community about interacting with people with different degrees of disability, and promote inclusive practices.

For more information, please contact your local CPAA office:

  • In Calgary:
    Syeda Zehra, Social Worker, 403-219-3607 or toll free 1-800-363-2807, or by Email
  • In Edmonton:
    Beverley Klassen, Social Worker 780-405-2954 or Email
    Carlos Gonzales DesChamps, Community Liaison, 780-477-8030 or Email


Kids on the Block

In Edmonton we’re proud to partner with the Glenrose Hospital’s Volunteer Department, to bring the eager minds of the Edmonton Elementary students: KIDS ON THE BLOCK!

This fantastic cerebral palsy awareness program features 3-4 foot puppets and is coming to a school near you.

To volunteer for this program, please contact Elizabeth Kaleta, Regional Manager, 780-477-8030 or Email


Words With Dignity

Click here to view a great resource about words and phrases to avoid and suggestions for use in the disability community!