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camila franco

Camila was a volunteer for the Scribbles & Giggles and Dance Without Limits programs and is now volunteering for the Art Expressions program. Not only did she help with the program, she was also the amazing face painter at New Year’s Party and will be our face painter at the Spring Family Celebration.

“I started with CPAA in 2017 with the Scribbles & Giggles program and have since helped at the Dance program and Adult art program. I am not really sure now why I stumbled onto CPAA but I know why I have stayed – the people. Having the privilege to interact and create memories with the clients, who have ranged widely in age and personality, continues to be an enriching experience for me. It is a constant reminder that we always have something to learn from others, and something to offer. I hope I can make them feel as happy as they make me!”

“I work at a youth justice committee, the Youth Restorative Action Project, helping to elevate the voices of those often not heard. I graduated with a BA from the University of Alberta and will be starting BCL/LLB program at McGill University in the fall. Regardless of where I am, I will continue to support and stay connected with CPAA!”  Thank you Camila!

“I am not really sure now why I stumbled onto the CPAA but I know why I have stayed – the people. Having the privilege to interact and create memories with the clients, who have ranged widely in age and personality, continues to be an enriching experience for me!” – Camila

Kate Tieman - calgary

Kate Tieman & Matthew Janzen

Kate is our newest volunteer that has already got the hang of things around the office. She has been doing shredding and wrapping green bags.

Matthew is a happy, fun loving, twenty-five year-old who loves to help others. Matthew lives to listen to his many play lists while singing and dancing along. That, and his ability to get around computers, (including all electronics) are his favorite hobbies. He spends hours in his home office downloading, uploading, researching and finding that perfect picture to print and show-off to his roommates. He was previously a member of the Special Olympic swim team for several years and won a gold medal in the Provincial summer games.

Thank you Kate & Matthew!


“I starting volunteering at the yoga program with the CPAA through a CSL course that the University of Alberta offered. Through this experience, I completely fell in love with the organization. The CPAA creates a safe place for each individual to truly experience a “life without limits,” and it has been an honour to be a part of this community and work alongside such amazing people. This coming year I will be the president of the CPAA’s student group on campus and I cannot wait to bring more awareness and love to the organization and everyone involved.”

Haley is one of our amazing CSL students that sticks around volunteering with us! She is also our new president of Students for Life Without Limits.  Thank you Haley!


Heather Stinson

“I can honestly say that working with The CPAA has been a beam of light while pursuing my university degree. I have made friends with fellow volunteers and clients that helped me to learn and grow as person. The clients are all unique and wonderful people and just being around them, I have learned more than I ever could in a class room.”

Heather is our Tranquil Movements volunteer. She was one of the amazing CSL students and continued volunteering with us. Thank you Heather!

Jayesh Pillai


“The opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta has truly been a privilege and rewarding experience as a resident of Calgary over the last year.”

Jayesh believes that the organization contributes to making a huge difference in its members lives in terms of social inclusion, enhanced life skills and increased awareness with regards to the different facets of cerebral palsy within the broader community. Prior to moving to Calgary from Johannesburg, his work experience entailed increasing access to power distribution related services and enhancing the capacity of client organizations and municipal entities through consulting work.

Currently preparing for the PMP certification and hoping to utilize the experience and skills gained to be applied in volunteer work and the industry locally. Jayesh enjoys cycling, cricket, spending time with family and friends and a good meal! Thank you Jayesh!



Huy is our ComputAbilities volunteer. He has already volunteered over 50 hours this year so far.

“I chose to volunteer here because I wanted to share my knowledge of technology with those who needed it most.”

Thank you, Huy!

Craig Cohen Calgary


Craig has been a part of CPAA since 2012. He’s been an active member of the CPAA’s CMUG the whole time. He is a very pleasant person to be around and is always quick to lend a helping hand. He shows up every Monday afternoon looking forward to assisting seniors with learning computer literacy.

The clients find him to be “very helpful and so polite” Craig takes great pride in giving back to the community and feels this is the best way for him to contribute.  Thank you Craig!

Kylie Hornaday Calgary


Kylie started volunteering over a year ago with CPAA and has been drawn to all the great programs that the CPAA offers.  She is grateful for the opportunity to meet and work alongside all the wonderful clients and staff.

In September of 2018, Kylie began the Master’s Program at the U of C in the Faculty of Medicine. Her research is in pregnancy and preterm labor, and what we can do to care for the many women who deliver premature babies, which is one of the leading causes of cerebral palsy.

Volunteering with the CPAA has given Kylie a unique perspective on the impact of her research, and she hopes to continue in the field of medical research after her studies. When she is not in school or volunteering, you can usually find her at the gym, curled up on the couch with her ukulele, or spending time with friends. Thank you Kylie!

“My favorite memory of volunteering at the CPAA is building meaningful relationships with the clients and watching them grow throughout the programs. Seeing the kids in the swimming program go from being scared to going in the water to doing a perfect backstroke is so rewarding and exciting!” – Kylie