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When your corporation aligns itself with Cerebral Palsy Alberta, you raise your corporate profile, help build your reputation as a socially responsible corporation, foster employee good will and most importantly, help individuals in the disability community live a Life without Limits!



The CPAA places clothing donation bins in high traffic areas throughout the city, such as shopping plaza parking lots and recycling depots. These donation bins allow people to easily drop off bags of clothing with proceeds benefiting the CPAA. Partner with the CPAA by sponsoring a bin and placing your company logo or custom message on a bin that is viewed by many people each week.



By hosting a CPAA Clothing Donation Bin on your property, you’re advocating recycling and preventing needless waste from polluting the environment. You will be providing a service for your community or organization to drop off clothing donations and showing that you support a local charity. There is no cost for the placement or management of the bins, and the CPAA accepts full responsibility for the maintenance of the bins.

To host a clothing/bottle recycling bin, please contact our toll free number at 1-888-477-8030.


This tax-receiptable donation can be designated to a program or service offered by the CPAA. Include button and link to donation page


A cash and/or in-kind gift paid by your company to support a CPAA event such as our Gala, Challenge, Golf tournament or poker tournament. In return, your corporation will receive commercial marketing, advertising and promotional benefits associated with the sponsored event.


To get involved or for more information, please contact Cindy Turnquist, Director of Development & Communications at 403-219-3611, toll-free 1-800-363-2807 or via email

Include button with link to annual sponsorship package


Employee giving can be done through payroll deductions which are sent directly to the CPAA. Your company can show support for the causes that your employees value by matching their gift dollar for dollar or another ratio that you deem appropriate.


Your employees can build team spirit by entering a team into our annual Life Without Limits Challenge, holding a third-party event such as a Stampede breakfast, casual clothing day or manager dunk tank which raises money for the CPAA.


To get involved or for more information, please contact Cindy Turnquist, Director of Development & Communications at 403 219 3611 or via email


Participating in a volunteering activity with your company is a great way to give back to your community. Whether your company is just starting to explore social initiatives or has an established program, the CPAA can partner with you for specialized volunteer activities suited to your organization’s schedule and interests.

To get involved or for more information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators, toll-free 1-800-363-2807 or via email

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