The Cerebral Palsy Alberta’s Funding Request Program assists Albertans with cerebral palsy to achieve a better quality of life. The program is funded entirely through the CPAA’s own fundraising efforts and donations from generous members of our community.  Questions? Please contact us at Darryl at 403-219-3607 or by Email.


The CPAA reserves the right to review applications for funding based on the following priorities:

  1. Basic daily needs

  2. Availability of funding

  3. Mobility and/or adaptive equipment

  4. Bikes: Funding for bikes is capped at $700.00, effective February 26th, 2009

  5. Computers: Funding for computers is capped at $500.00 (including iPads) every 3 years, effective September 14th, 2010

  6. Camps: Funding for camps is capped at $500 (if the member is not eligible for FSCD) or $300 (if the member is eligible for FSCD), effective June 8th, 2010



  1. Persons applying for funding must be a CPAA client for at least three months prior to submitting an application.

  2. The requested funds must be of direct support to a person(s) who has cerebral palsy.

  3. If the purchase has already been completed, receipts in full must be provided to the CPAA for all equipment, service(s), program(s), and/or item(s). Payment will be made directly to the vendor upon receiving an invoice or to our member upon proof of purchase.