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The CP Cares Program assists individuals with disabilities with supports for daily living to improve quality of every day life.  We are pleased to announce that we now have two funding streams; The Funding Request Program & The Tech Fund Program.  

The Funding Request Program assists Albertans with cerebral palsy with supports for daily living such as adaptive equipment, programs, therapies, treatments and educational courses.  

The Tech Fund Program assists Albertans with disabilities and provides support for electronics and adapted devices needed to improve quality of everyday life.

Additionally, the Care Packages Program is designed to improve food and basic need insecurity for people in the disability community that has become more prevalent during these difficult times.  CP Care Packages are designed to assist with one-time supports for our clients in need.  These packages may contain items most needed such as food vouchers or basic essential care & hygiene items for children and adults. 

The CP Cares Program is funded entirely through the CPAA’s own fundraising efforts, the UCP's Bellows fund and donations from generous members of our community.  Questions or Care Packages request? Please contact our Funding Request Department by clicking here.

Proudly Sponsored by:

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Anonymous Donors

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The CPAA reserves the right to review applications for funding based on the following priorities:

  1. Basic daily needs

  2. Availability of funding

  3. Mobility and/or adaptive equipment

  4. Funding for bicycles up to $700 every 3 years

  5. Funding for computers and electronics

    • Up to $750 every 2 years for laptops computers & more expensive items​

    • Up to $500 every 12 months for iPads and less expensive items

  6. Funding for camps up to $500


  1. Persons applying for funding must be a CPAA client for at least three months prior to submitting an application.

  2. The requested funds must be of direct support to a person(s) who has cerebral palsy (Funding Request Program) or a person(s) who has a disability diagnosis (Tech Fund Program).

  3. If the purchase has already been completed, receipts in full must be provided to the CPAA for all equipment, service(s), program(s), and/or item(s). Payment will be made directly to the vendor upon receiving an invoice or to our member upon proof of purchase.

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