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The CP Cares Program assists Albertans with disabilities to achieve better quality of life by providing support with different levels of needs: 

The Funding Request Program is open to paid members of CPAA, with a cp diagnosis to receive financial support, as an assistance with offsetting costs of adapted equipment, programs, camps, educational courses, treatments and therapies, medications, and items that would improve their quality of everyday life.

The Tech Fund Program is open to paid members of CPAA, living with various disabilities to receive financial support towards required electronics and adapted electronic devices that support communication and connections with the community

In order to benefit from this program individuals must be a client of the CPAA for at least 3 months and be a member of the CPAA. To join as a member to be eligible for funding, please click here. 

The CP Cares Program is funded entirely through the CPAA’s own fundraising efforts, the UCP's Bellows fund and donations from generous members of our community. 
Questions or Care Packages request? Please contact our Funding Request Department by clicking here.

Proudly Sponsored by:

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Anonymous Donors

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Available support is not guaranteed and subject to change. Applications will be accepted and reviewed for one of the following per client:

  1. Basic daily needs

  2. Availability of funding

  3. Mobility and/or adaptive equipment including adapted bikes

  4. Computers, laptop, speech devices, adapted technology

  5. Camps, treatments not covered by other funding programs and benefits


a. Paid member of the CPAA
b. CPAA Client for minimum 3 months
c. Application submitted with ALL supporting document listed below:
         i. Letter of diagnosis
         ii. Support letter from a neutral party, not connected to the application
         iii. Confirmation of efforts and other fundraising or funding opportunities approached and approved
         iv. 3 quotes from vendors, should the funding cheque be issued directly to the vendor as a payment for the product or service. Talk to the vendor if they are accepting 3rd party payment prior to applying, as CPAA is not able to issue a cheque to the applicant prior to the purchase.

        v. Receipts or proof of purchase, for reimbursement, if the product/services has been paid for already. 

CPAA clients are permitted to apply once every 12 months, counting from their last application date, but the CPAA is not required to guarantee the funding.

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