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Airdrie Resident Advocates for Accessibility Change

Before Lori DuMont was diagnosed with an illness that would restrict her ability to move around freely, she was not aware of just how inaccessible many public buildings are.

It wasn’t until she went to her family doctor and a local clinic meant to help her in her medical journey, that she grew frustrated with the lack of accessibility.

Currently, she needs someone to come along to every medical visit, just to hold heavy doors and pull her over doorsteps.

"The only time it's nice when people open doors for you is when it's metaphorical,” DuMont said, sitting on her living room couch in Airdrie. “When someone opens the door because it's inaccessible because you have mobility issues, it's not good.”

Just over a year ago, DuMont was training for her first Olympic-length triathlon. The swimmer, runner, and bicyclist, fell ill with a disease that quickly restricted her ability to move around.

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