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Universal Design in Homes

The fundamental idea behind universal design is to create a home that is accessible to everyone, regardless of mobility, age or ability level. The focus is to make the home easily lived in for many years and can benefit those from infants to seniors. Many builders, architects & designers are incorporating it more often than ever before! Examples of this include:

• Step free entryways

• Curb ramps that blend into the exterior landscaping (this ideal for both curb appeal &


• Wider doorways and halls to accommodate different mobility devices

• Curb free showers w/larger enclosure to access anyone with mobility issues or devices

• Kitchen cabinets & vanities that are set to proper heights, have open space underneath for

wheelchairs and incorporate more drawers & organizers for easy access

• Ample space throughout the home to allow free flow for mobility devices for better


• Calm lighting for those with sensory issues

• Incorporating a multitude of sensory & tactile items into playrooms & backyard spaces,

such as different calming areas in play tunnels, a wall/play structure with different shapes,

sizes & textures to explore

• Ideally making a home one level, but if need to go from an attached garage to the door, or a

stairwell, installing a lift for easy accessibility throughout the home

Make your home a forever-home by building it with Universal Design from the start.

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